pátek 18. prosince 2015

Last days in Ghana

As my time in Ghana was about to end, me and other OSDA volunteers were invited to attend the burial, memorial and thanksgiving service for Michael Kwami Doh, the older brother of OSDA president. The funeral took place in Agbesia and the service lasted for three days. Funerals in Ghana are comparable to weddings in Europe. It is a major event and the everyday life in village is disrupted by the preparations, the arrival of many visitors and the expectations. People stay up all night, dancing, singing and celebrating the memory of deceased person. There is plenty of food and drinks too. Last day is reserved for the church service and prayers.

OSDA volunteers in Agbesia. We were all wearing dresses made from the same material. If the deceased person is young (less than 50), there should be red pattern on the cloth. For older person funeral people wear dresses with white pattern on it.

 I was chosen to read Tribute from the Mother at the burial service.

The village chiefs were also present.

 Michael Kwami Doh worked as a Police Constable and therefore many policemen attended the funeral. 

During the feast we ate plenty of African food like fufu, banku, kinkey. Cow was brought from Accra (4 hours journey) in a taxi while it was still alive.They killed the poor beast just before the ceremony. 

From left: Aaron aka Fafa and Daniel aka Kwami Koko resting after the meal.

At the funeral we visited family members to pay our condolences. Michael Kwami Doh had two wifes and three children. 

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